Chloride free ice melting granules for rapidly de-icing surfaces without damaging concrete

Ideal for use outside: hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings, communal dwellings, airport runways and car parks

Snowflakes available in 20kg bags

A primary cause of deterioration within reinforced concrete is de-icing salts. Most de-icing salts contain up to 60% chlorides. Chlorides corrode steel reinforcements within concrete, causing concrete cracking, delamination and spalling. The annual cost of concrete repair to industry is conservatively estimated at £10 million.

* Chloride free & eco-friendly *
* Fast, effective & reduces refreezing *
* Non-hazardous & non staining *

Snowflakes Spreader

Distributes Snowflakes and rock salt over large areas in minutes. This robust, light weight spreader provides rapid, even distribution of Snowflakes or rock salt onto a variety of surfaces. Helping minimise slip hazards on icy walk ways and roads.

Snowflakes Storage

Heavy duty Snowflakes or rock salt storage bin. Durable, UV stable, polyethylene construction, designed to withstand extreme climates. With a capacity of 100 litres, an angled lid allowing rain water runoff and an inter-stackable design, ensures this is the perfect Snowflakes or rock salt storage bin for both residential and commercial use.

White Rock Salt

High quality pure white 6mm rock salt for thawing ice and snow from roads, paths and driveways. White rock salt is a purer, cleaner alternative to brown rock salt. Ideal for use in areas that are required to remain clean such as offices, car parks, shopping centres, hospitals and schools.

Available in 20kg bags

Brown Rock Salt

High quality brown rock salt for thawing ice and snow from roads, paths and driveways. This product is pure and is not mixed with additional additives such as grit or sand which can impact performance.

Available in 20kg bags

Greased Lightning

Hard Surface Cleaner and Degreaser

Cleans • Degreases • Rapid Results

Greased Lightning is a fast effective multi-purpose formulation which cleans and degreases surfaces in seconds. The high performance biodegradable formulation removes oil, grease and dirt from metal, plastic, painted woodwork, rubber, carpets and upholstery leaving floors, walls and surfaces spotlessly clean and sanitised. Simply spray or mop onto surfaces and wipe off.

Size: 4 x 5 litre



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Lubricants & General Maintenance

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